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How to use Joint it jointing compound for paving.

  • All joints should be are clear of dirt, oil, grease & debris. Anything that will impair adhesion

  • Soak the area where you are going to apply joint it

  • open and immediately pour

  • Work the joint it into the areas. A squeegee or street broom is ideal for this

  • Add more water sparingly. This helps the flow of joint it into joints.
    Make sure. Joint-It has penetrated all of the paving joints by working diagonally

  • Clean carefully using a fine hair brush. Always brushing diagonally. Any residual materials can be swept off after application using a soft broom.

Must be used within four hours of opening the tub. Don't apply if temperature going to drop below zero within 12 hours of applying. Allow a minimum of 24hrs before walking, if temperature is under 20oC allow longer.

Do not power wash where joint it has been applied for at least 28 days.

Joint It

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